Motor Yachts Ibiza

Dji 0045

Lone Wolf

  • Length: 12 meter
  • Guests max.: 12
  • Cabin/s: 1+1
  • Marina Botafoch
Wajer 38s 1

Wajer 38S

  • Length: 11,30 meter
  • Guests max.: 11
  • Cabin/s: 1
  • Marina Botafoch

Yacht Charter Ibiza

Dreaming of a vacation on a motor yacht in an island paradise?

Aren’t we all dreaming of waking up to the sound of soft waves splashing against the side of the boat we just spent the night on – in a beautiful island paradise and on an equally beautiful motor yacht? And as we go out onto the deck of the motor yacht, we get to experience the most splendid sunrise and its reflections on the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our loved one prepared a small breakfast that we take on the deck of the motor yacht in Ibiza before heading towards the beach to build fantasy castles in the sand and take in some of the early morning sun. Then, we slowly make our way on the motor yacht towards one of Ibiza’s historical cities where we enjoy a savory lunch. And for the rest of the day, we’re drifting on our motor yacht towards one of Ibiza’s party locations while swimming or reading. An evening in one of the hip bars of the Island rounds off our very relaxed day.

Yacht hire Ibiza makes this possible!

Scenarios like this actually are easier to make true than you think! Our yacht hire in Ibiza is one of the places where you can rent a motor yacht to discover the island in entirely new and fancy ways. No matter if you are into partying or into a relaxed vacation that majorly involves swimming and sunbathing on a motor yacht, Bluemarine Yacht Charter is the place to go for motor a yacht rental in Ibiza. Yacht hire in Ibiza also gives you the opportunity to go discover hidden beaches, beautiful stretches of landscapes you wouldn’t otherwise see, and more.

And nothing could be easier than hiring a motor yacht in Ibiza: you can either browse the different motor yachts on the website of Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza or just simply give a call or drop by and have a look at the different motor yachts. However, if you want more choice as to which yacht rentals are possible for you, it is advisable that you have a look at the Ibiza motor yachts and reserve the yacht of your choice in advance. Otherwise, it may already have been rented out to someone else who wants to travel Ibiza by yacht hire.

Ibiza: we help you discover it by motor yacht

So, dreaming is allowed! Just imagine all the possibilities that open up to you with a motor yacht in Ibiza. Thousands of places are waiting for you to be discovered once you got your yacht rental in Ibiza. And the duration of your Ibiza yacht hire is up to you: be it for just a few days or for several weeks – with Bluemarine Yacht Charter, all is possible.

In case that you lack some ideas on what to do with a motor yacht in Ibiza, just ask us!We have been living in this place and discovering Ibiza by motor yacht for more than 10 years. So we know all the jewels that really ought to be discovered once you get your hands on a yacht rental in Ibiza.That way, your yacht hire gets even more interesting!

We equally know all of the party locations or cities that you can get to with your yacht rental. Or would you like to know more about the history of this beautiful island paradise? We can point you towards museums that are truly worth your visit!

A large number of different motor yachts are waiting for you

Bluemarine Yacht Charter has a wide range of different motor yachts in charter that fulfill an equally wide range of needs. Whether you want a luxurious motor yacht for your vacation in Ibiza or rather a simple and affordable one, we will surely have the right model for you. Just let us know what your wishes are, and we will point you towards the perfect motor yacht for you!

Yacht rental in Ibiza made easy

Renting a motor yacht with Bluemarine Yacht Charter in Ibiza is super easy: you will get a contract for the motor yacht, and its condition is going to be noted before you head off. When you get back, the condition is checked again to see if everything is still fine with the motor yacht. And if that is the case, that is all there is to it. So renting a motor yacht with our yacht charter service in Ibiza is fast, uncomplicated and comparatively affordable.