Bareboats Ibiza

Bareboat Charter in Ibiza

Are you ready for a ride?

Do you want to just simply and spontaneously jump on a boat and drive off into the blue sea?  Then, renting a bareboat in Ibiza is the one thing you should consider! Bareboat charters in Ibiza are plentiful. But only few offer the outstanding and very personal service that Bluemarine Yacht Charter stands for. With us, charter a bareboat in Ibiza becomes a breeze. It’s uncomplicated, fast and sure to lead to amazing memories!

Charter a bareboat in Ibiza and take a ride with your friends

Driving a Mercedes through town sure is a lot of fun. But so is driving a fast boat through the sea in Ibiza. Why would you spend your vacation any different? And why wouldn’t you choose to move on a means of transport that brings you to any beach, bay or bar of your choice? A bareboat charter in Ibiza clearly gives you tons of advantages as well as an incredible amount of flexibility. And all of this can be had at a price, which is much more affordable than our other boats types.

On top of that, a bareboat charter in Ibiza gives you the possibility to just simply drive off with the boat yourself. No captain needed! Most of those bareboats in Ibiza still have a small cabin and are spacious enough for 8 to 12 guests, which is a lot! So, there’s plenty of space for your friends even though the boats are small in comparison to a yacht.

Have more interesting adventures in Ibiza with a chartered bareboat

Are you tired of lying at the beach for your entire vacation? Do you abhor having to search for parking whenever you are traveling by car? Well, just rent a bareboat in Ibiza and move from place to place on water. Not only does that allow you to anchor somewhere out in the sea and just simply sunbathe and swim there, it also helps you switch the scenery very quickly or avoid having to search for a sun lounger in strongly crowded places. And on top of that, a bareboat charter in Ibiza allows you to easily discover hidden bays, romantic fishing villages on the coast and much more.

No more traffic on land roads: the water ways just simply are not as crowded! And many of the bareboats can even be used like a tiny hotel, which allows you to sleep on the bareboat in Ibiza. The bareboats are comfortable and will make for unforgettable experiences that will make you want to re-live your Ibiza adventures by bareboat over and over. This extreme flexibility you get with a bareboat hire in Ibiza opens the door to a whole range of adventures you couldn’t otherwise make.

Imagine the many places you can get to on a bareboat that are simply not accessible by land! A bareboat rental just simply lets you discover Ibiza in completely different ways and makes you highly independent from public transport. You also get around traffic jams or road blocks!

„Uncomplicated“ is our second name

When chartering a bareboat in Ibiza, you want to simply jump on board and drive off. With Bluemarine Yacht Charter, this is what we offer. Only little paperwork is required before you can head towards your first adventure on your newly chartered bareboat. The contract and a quick inspection to note the condition at take-over is all you need. Less hassle simply isn’t possible!

We can, however, tip you towards some of the highlights of Ibiza & Formentera and tell you which restaurants or sites you should absolutely check out. Knowing Ibiza inside out, we are also apt at replying to any of your questions about the island. So do talk to us – it’s another five minutes well-spent before heading off on your privat bareboat charter!

Want to come visit us? We are there for you!

Would you like to come visit us and have a look at the different boats types as well as let us guide you on what model would best suit your needs? Bluemarine Yacht Charter has years of experience and will be happy to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the different available boats models. Be it that your primary concern is speed or rather getting a more spacious boat to enjoy Ibiza together with friends: we will take the time to discuss the available options with you and point you towards the model that best fits your needs. We are clearly bringing bareboat charters in Ibiza to the next level!