Do you have questions about the yacht and boats rental at Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza? Just have a look at our FAQs – there, we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • What happens if it rains on the day I chartered the boat for?

    Don’t worry – we won’t let you hanging! We’ll search for an alternative date for your boats charter together. Should this not be possible, we will reimburse your money.

  • Which extras are included in the price?

    If you charter a yacht, a selection of drinks for the day is included in the price. Furthermore, we provide towels with boats of more than 8m of length.

  • Do you have insurance on all of your boats?

    Yes, we have comprehensive insurance on all of our boats. When you rent one of our boats or yachts, we ask for a security deposit, the amount of which you can see in your respective charter agreement.

  • What happens if the yacht or boat is damaged by my fault?

    Should the chartered yacht or boat be damaged by your fault, we will initially keep your security deposit. Once the yacht or boat have been repaired, we will reimburse the rest of the deposit. Should the damage be higher than the paid deposit, you are still only liable for the amount of the paid security deposit.

  • What happens if I am unable to show up for the boats rental or yacht charter?

    We recommend to always buy a travel cancellation insurance. Please check the conditions for early cancellations in our charter agreement.

    Should you be unable to pick up your charter boat or go on your boats tour on short notice, we won’t reimburse the paid amount. Rented boats and yachts are always reserved for you exclusively.

  • When will I get back my security deposit?

    For day charters, you will receive back your deposit at the end of the day. For week charters, we will pay back the deposit 10 days after the charter ended.