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Bluemarine Yacht Charter doesn’t just offer yacht charters in Ibiza, we are also selling several boat and yacht models. Have you long been dreaming about becoming the proud owner of your own yacht, bareboat or motor boat? Then, this is your chance to make your dream come true.

We have used boats for sale in Ibiza. Being absolute experts in the industry and having maintained our boats ourselves for many years, all of our boats on sale are in perfect condition. On top of that, the used boats for sale in Ibiza are much more affordable than new models.

Bluemarine Yacht Charter also has yachts for sale in Ibiza

Buying a yacht is even more of an investment than just bareboats or motor boats. However, it also is much more rewarding, since yachts offer an incredible comfort and style and are generally larger, which means that there is more space for guests.

We offer several types of yachts for sale in Ibiza, which are all in excellent condition.Our yachts for sale in Ibiza have different interiors and designs. Hence, there may just be about one that fulfills your exact needs. That way, heading out into the sea with your own yacht could soon become a reality!

We also help you assess yachts or boats

When you buy a yacht, it is extremely important to know what to look out for. In fact, it is the only way to avoid any bad surprises that come from not doing your due diligence. We will help you evaluate any boat or yacht you have your eye on on how well it is maintained, cracks that may hint at larger problems, mildew, problems with electronics or the engine or any other sign of damage. This is important, since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a boat to then have to do extensive repairs or maintenance. We will make sure that any boat you buy is in perfect condition or discuss possible problems with you as well as how they could be resolved before you take a decision. This will make sure that any boat for sale that you buy in Ibiza will give you joy for a long time.

Alternatively to that, we can also recommend boats experts to you to assess boats or yachts for sale and give their expert opinion. Due to having been in the industry for more than ten years, Bluemarine Yacht Charter built a large network of experts that are waiting to help when it comes to yacht sales in Ibiza. Because this clearly is a task that cannot be done by anyone and where quality is essential. After all, no one wants to have a boats assessor overlook important damage or other problems that then leads to a purchase decision, which later on is deeply regretted. We following saying is one of our most important mottos: better be safe than sorry! We could also say: better choose quality than be sorry.

Or sell a yacht – we will help

At Bluemarine Yacht Charter, we also help our clients sell their boats or yachts in Ibiza. No matter if you want to buy or sell a yacht, a lot of paperwork is involved before it finally changes hands. It also is important to know how you should prepare your boat or yacht for the sale. We can even do the maintenance and repairs for you to make sure that your boat or yacht are ready for the sale. And finding a buyer may not always be all too easy. We will help you with exactly that and help you market your boat or yacht for sale in Ibiza.

In short: Bluemarine Yacht Charter is your trusted partner for the sale of boats and yachts in Ibiza. We are going to do everything we can to find the perfect boat or yacht for you or to correctly assess the one you are considering to buy. We also know all of the paperwork involved for vessel registration and other administrative procedures and will guide you to avoid all of the potential pitfalls. For the case that you need translations for the official documentation, we can even help you find a certified translator.

Just contact us

Now it is up to you! Just contact us and let us know what your needs are. No matter what, we will discuss all of the different options for you to make sure to find the best one together with you. Bluemarine Yacht Charter is looking forward to show the different boats and yachts for sale in Ibiza to you or to have a look at yours.

buy a boat or yacht in ibiza

In that case, we can also help you find the best buyer. Contact us through our online form, by email or phone now to make an appointment. We’re happy to help you find your dream yacht or assist you in your boat sales!

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