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Princess V58 GFK Schaden

Princess V58

We are specialized in yacht maintenance and services. We are competent and most responsible for every detail of you need. With best contacts we can organize your charter license faster […]

Yacht Management, Service & Maintenance

With Bluemarine Yacht Charter, your yacht is in best hands. By servicing it regularly, we will ensure that your ship always functions reliably. In fact, we guarantee prime services at the lowest prices. Bluemarine Yacht Charter will take care of everything that owning a yacht usually entails, which ensures that your boat will keep its value for many years after the purchase. We aim at keeping your yacht’s old shine and ensuring the ongoing functioning of its entire technology.

We are experts in the maintenance of yachts on the Balearic Islands and can draw from years of experience repairing and maintaining all types of marine motors, gears and boat instruments. In addition to that, Bluemarine Yacht Charter provides professional boat cleaning services and takes care of boat transfers, charter agreements, and official document translations. The above-mentioned services are just a few out of many reasons why customers have been counting on us for the maintenance and management of their yachts for years.

A well-maintained yacht brings its owner a lot of joy while also decreasing the CO2 footprint.

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In that case, we can also help you find the best buyer. Contact us through our online form, by email or phone now to make an appointment. We’re happy to help you find your dream yacht or assist you in your boat sales!

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