Yacht Rental Ibiza

We at Bluemarine Yacht Charter offer a selection of exclusive sailing- and motor boats,
luxury yachts, catamarans & bareboats in Ibiza.

Yacht Rental Ibiza with Bluemarine Yacht Charter

Maintaining yachts and boats is time-consuming and very costly. And then, they usually don’t get to your dream destination by themselves – in this case to Ibiza or Mallorca.

However, what’s easier than just rent a yacht or boat and return it at the end of your journey or trip to Ibiza, Mallorca or Formentera? That would save you from the hassle of maintaining a boat, yacht or catamaran, transporting it to the destination of your choice, and bringing it back home in the end. Ultimately, that would also help you enjoy your vacation even more!

At Bluemarine Yacht Charter, that’s exactly what we are here for. We rent motor yachts, sports boats, motor boats and sailing yachts in Ibiza and Mallorca. In addition to that, we also rent out catamarans and bare boats. Also, we live and breathe top customer service and do everything we can to turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience! No matter what size you would like your boat or yacht to be in, what your budget is, or from where in Ibiza you would like to start your trip: we surely can offer you are searching for.

Don’t hesitate and get into contact with us now, so we can advise you on our product offer. It is with great pleasure that we will show you our various boats and yachts in person and give you tips on the best destinations in Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera.

Are you ready for your absolute dream vacation? Well – we’d love to welcome you at Bluemarine!