Luxury Yachts

Dji 0045

Lone Wolf

  • Length: 12 meter
  • Guests max.: 12
  • Cabin/s: 1+1
  • Marina Botafoch

Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Your vacation of a lifetime is waiting for you – on a luxury yacht charter in Ibiza

Are you planning a special party among friends in Ibiza or want to afford yourself some truly luxurious vacation time? Then, our fleet of luxury yachts could be what you were looking for! Imagine how much more special partying on a luxury yacht out in the Mediterranean Sea is. And a getaway with friends or family on a luxury yacht charter in Ibiza also is going to be an experience you are going to remember for forever.

Our spacious luxury yachts have space for 7 to 12 people and between 2 and 5 cabins. Imagine the special trips you can plan that way: be it from a hidden, beautiful beach where your guests or family swim and sunbathe to a trendy party location in one of the larger towns, or from a beautiful sightseeing spot to a romantic restaurant serving savory local food, renting a luxury yacht charter on Ibiza opens up possibilities to a large range of activities that will make your vacation truly special.

Luxury yachts also have a lot of style and offer a high level of comfort, so your entrance into any harbor will be noted! No matter whether you are enjoying your luxury yacht in Ibiza together with friends, with a loved one or alone: you are surely going to have the time of your life.

Our luxury yacht charter in Ibiza offers outstanding service

At Bluemarine Yacht Charter in Ibiza, our customers are treated like kings and queens. We know that great memories come from outstanding experiences. And a gerat customer service just is an integral part of that. However, our luxury yachts in charter are the most important ingredient to your future, unforgettable vacation in Ibiza. No matter what your needs are, we certainly have the perfect luxury yacht in Ibiza.

Enjoy our Ibiza yacht rental now and discover this pearl in the Mediterranean Sea with all its beauty, the cultural getaways, fabulous restaurants and some of the best bars and party locations Europe has to offer. Our luxury yachts bring you to every coastal location in Ibiza & Formentera.

Do you want some tips on all of the amazing things you can do and get to with your luxury yacht rental in Ibiza, or on specific locations after your taste? No worries – we got you covered! Bluemarine Yacht Charter has been living on Ibiza for more than 10 years, and years of making our customers happy taught us exactly what it takes. For you, we go the extra mile!

Hire a luxury yacht in Ibiza now to indulge in the deep blues of the Sea

Besides parties and great restaurants, the fact that Ibiza lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea should also be used to the fullest! Our luxury yachts in Ibiza allow you to spend your days in the middle of the sea, enjoy the deep blue all around you, swim, sunbathe and relax to the fullest – and that at maximum comfort. On top of that, a luxury yacht rental also allows you to do so in style!

Our luxury yachts in Ibiza are made of the best materials, and quite a bit of thought went into their design. In contrast to other boats, a luxury yacht makes you feel like you are in a hotel in the middle of the sea! The luxury yacht comes with a captain who will do the driving for you and make your vacation in Ibiza even less stressful. So you can enjoy the sun together with your loved ones on the deck of your beautiful luxury yacht, take a meal together on board or do whatever else you please.

Can’t make it to Santa Eulària des Riu? No problem – your luxury yacht can travel to you!

If we mentioned outstanding service above, with which our luxury yacht charter will make your vacation in Ibiza outstanding, it gets even better now: if you are in a rush and cannot make it to Santa Eulària des Riu to pick up the luxury yacht of your choice, our luxury yacht can travel to you! Just indicate at which harbor you want to want to board, and we will make it possible for you.

We will bring your luxury yacht to the harbor you indicated and also pick it up at a place indicated by you. Any necessary paperwork is reduced to the necessary minimum and done online or right before you take over the luxury yacht. Renting a luxury yacht in Ibiza really can be that easy!